Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It Be Talk Like A Pirate Day, Matey!

Here be some picture books fer pirates. They be especially good fer those of us what can't read.

Are Pirates Polite? by Corinne Demas,
Artemis Roehrig, and David Catrow
Pirates at the Plate, by Aaron Frisch and Mark Summers
The Pirates Next Door, by Jonny Duddle
That scalawag Jonny Duddle has books fer cabin boys, too.

Jolley-Rogers #1 the Monsters Gold, by Jonny Duddle
And fer all you dandy land lubbers who can make out more of those infernal scribbles, ye might be liking the books below.
The Jupiter Pirates #1, Hunt for the Hydra,
by Jason Fry and Jeff Nentrup
The Dagger Quick #1,
 by Brian Eames and Amy June Bates
Airborn #1, by Kenneth Oppel and Larry Rostant

If ye be ready for stronger meat, waylay some litrate teen to read you these beauties.

The Pirate's Son, by Geraldine McCaughrean
Mad Kestrel #1,
by Misty Massey and Shelly Wan
Lady of Devices #3, Magnificent Devices,
by Shelley Adina

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